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Hello FreeSurfer Developers,

I have a question about references and descriptions to all the morphological 
features available in aparc.stats, extracted from structural MRI. I am using 
all the different features (SurfArea, GrayVol, ThickAvg, ThickStd, MeanCurv, 
GausCurv, FoldInd, CurvInd) for the 68 cortical regions available from the 
Desikan Kiliany atlas. I have been trying to find references to how these 
features are measured or derived, but couldn't find a proper list of references 
to each of the features. I a lot of references here 
https://surfer.nmr.mgh.harvard.edu/fswiki/FreeSurferMethodsCitation, with 
detailed descriptions on surface reconstruction and how cortical thickness is 
measured, but couldn't find a detailed explanation on the other features, 
especially curvature values.

I think I have been able to find out what each of the measurements mean and how 
they are calculated in principle, through searching the internet a lot, but 
with no direct link to FreeSurfer. For instance, I know you can calculate the 
curvature values from the principle curvatures, but how does FS estimate those 
form the reconstructed Surface? And which one of the two surfaces does it use? 
White-pial or pial-csf surface? I found https://brainder.org/ really helpful, 
but it says for example that a new way of measuring cortical volume was 
implemented in FS 6.0.0, so does that mean for previous versions FS uses the 
Thickness x SurfaceArea method? Would be great if you can help me with this, or 
point me to the correct website I might just have missed during my search.

Best wishes


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