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Dear freesurfer experts,

When executing recon-all in two subjects with brain lesions, the recon-all
process stopped at CORRECTING DEFECT 13 (vertices=49319, convex hull=12973,
v0=65403) and
CORRECTING DEFECT 6 (vertices=23529, convex hull=6740, v0=16029),

After reading the relevant problem from freesufer mailing list, I had
checked the skull and cerebellum not attached to the surface, two
hemispheres are separated using freeview. In addition, I also load
the brain.mgz, wm.mgz, ?h.orig.nofix and ?h.inflated.nofix and separately
overlap the ?h.defect_label onto ?h.orig.nofix  , ?h.inflated.nofix to edit
wm.mgz to solve this problem.

However, after editing wm.mgz in two subjects, the recon-all process still
stopped at CORRECTING DEFECT 0 (vertices=32853, convex hull=7926) and
CORRECTING DEFECT 6 (vertices=16533, convex hull= 4510) , respectively.

Although I try to erase the non-white matter and label voxels as white
matter as much as possible, there are too many voxels I think I need to
label, which may cause the failure.

I can't figure out how to continue to solve this problem. I use freesurfer
version 6.0.0.

I really appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

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