I think you could get the p-valueus for the clusters and do FDR on those (or 
maybe the most significant of more than one cluster in a given comparison)

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Dear members,

I have run several analyses in which we correlate cognitive performance with 
vertex-wise cortical surface area, thickness and volume. We ran monte carlo 
simulation for each correlation. However, we would like to correct the outcome 
for the number of associations we did, that is for the for 10 different 
cognitive scales that we tested. How can this be done? We would rather not use 
bonferroni correction, as it is so strict, but would prefer fdr. Do we need to 
somehow get the p-values of the cluster peaks that correlated with the 
cognitive scales and do FDR on those? Or should we adjust the monte carlo 
simulation threshold to account for the 10 different tests?

Thank you in advance,


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