what ligand are you using? Do you expect it to be higher in GM and in WM? What 
are the values in the gtm.stats file relative to when you run it without PVC? 
How did you choose 5 as the --psf?

On 11/26/2019 2:53 AM, Soo-Jong Kim wrote:

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Dear FreeSurfer experts,

Originally, I want to use RBV method for pvcorrected PET for SUVR analysis.

After generating gtmseg and coregistration to make lta file, I followed this 
code and changed some.

mri_gtmpvc --i PET.nii --reg subj1.reg.lta --psf 5 --seg gtmseg.mgz
--default-seg-merge --auto-mask PSF .01 --no-rescale --no-reduce-fov --rbv --o 

After this, rbv.nii.gz file was generated. and SUVR analysis was performed as 
reference region (cerebellar cortex).  But Compared to original un-pvc PET, 
Cortex SUVR was reduced.

In ideal pv-corrected PET, cortex SUVR was higher than un-pvc PET.

Is is okay if I use the output file as rbv.nii.gz ?

in Thomas et al, 2011,
He used aparc+aseg.mgz file from FreeSurfer. and he merged some regions.
Frontal, Temporal, Occipital and so on. (Only gray matter to correct PET using 
RBV method)

In that case, What are the regions to make rbv.nii.gz method in PetSurfer?  all 
regions in FreeSurfer LUT?

Can I use the rbv.nii.gz as partial volume corrected PET from RBV method?

If not, let me know what is the correct command of mri_gtmpvc.
I need only partial volume corrected PET using RBV method.


Soo-Jong Kim

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