yes, in fact, what you have done is the preferred method. Just run recon-all 
with -qcache instead of -all (or any other directive). Also note that qdec is 
not very flexible, so you may want to use the command line stream.

On 11/27/2019 10:21 AM, Marisa Cathryn Ross wrote:

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We have a large set of images that have been processed in FS 6.0 (on linux) 
with manual edits for all stages of recon-all. We would like to utilize the 
QDEC package to do group analyses, but did not have the -qcache flag in our 
pipeline when we ran recon-all.

Is it possible to create the necessary fsaverage files without losing the 
manual edits? We have never generated these files, as -qcache has not been 
designated previously in our pipeline. If this is possible, how should we go 
about re-running recon-all with -qcache so as to not lose the manual edits?

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