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I have some questions about the command of mri_vol2surf and mri_surf2surf

1. For fMRI data, I find previous paper reported that they used standard SPM8 
preprocessing routines, no normalize to standard MNI152 template. The T-map 
images were translated to the individual cortical surface by using mri_vol2surf 
function, and then by using mri_sur2surf, all images were translated to the 
fsaverage space for intersubject comparison. But for me, I use the FsFAST to 
analysis our fMRI data and get each individual P-value result about sig.nii.gz. 
How do I use mri_surf2surf function, for translating to fsaverage space? Would 
I use the preprocessing with fsaverage directly?

2. For quantitative T1 and MTV data, the pervious paper reported that they used 
similar method (mri_vol2surf and mri_surf2surf).

Where can I get the register.dat, when I use the mri_vol2surf function? May I 
understand it estimates the the relation fMRI and T1? Would I use the 
mri_vol2surf function and obtain an individual's surf data in fsaverage space 

3. For labels, can I make a mask about the BA44 area in which structure is 
simile with the file sig.nii.gz? How?

Best wished!
Qianqian Yu
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