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Hi FreeSurfer Experts,

I used the longitudinal pipeline and analyzed my data using the univariate 
linear mixed effects models.  I had a couple of questions:

1) The model outputted the F and p values.  How do I calculate the effect size?
2) How do I plot my analyses?  I would like to create a plot for change in CC 
volume with eBAC. Below is my model:

 Yij = ß1 + ß2(timeij) + ß3(eBACi) + ß4*estimated eBACi*timeij + ß5(genderi) 
ß6(intracranial volumei) + b1i + b2i(timeij) + eij.

Thank you for your help!



Jessica Hua, M.A.
Cognitive and Emotional Control Lab
Doctoral Candidate Clinical Psychology
University of Missouri
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