It sounds like it would be a one-group, two-variable situation, like this
Is that not correct?

On 11/28/2019 5:24 AM, Ferraro, Pilar wrote:

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I apologize if I did not explain my issue properly.
I'm interested in looking at age-related thickness reductions in 1 group 
(patients), but I'd like to also account for the effect of disease duration.
We can say that in my case disease duration is the nuisance factor.
Briefly, I have the same issue reported in here 
but with only one group.
How would you recommend to proceed?

Many  thanks,


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what is the difference between and independent variable and a covariate?

On 11/27/2019 6:57 AM, Ferraro, Pilar wrote:
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> Yes, I did.
> But in this case I have two factors, not only one. In particular, I have an 
> independent variable X and a covariate I?d like to include in the model.
> How would you suggest to proceed?
> Thanks,
> Pilar

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