it might also be the hemispheres not being separated, hard to tell (although that almost never happens). You can look at the filled.mgz to check this (the hemis should have different labels) On Tue, 3 Dec 2019, Greve, Douglas N.,Ph.D. wrote:

Look at the lh.orig.nofix and see if you can find the defect. Also, look at it 
in the volume and the
surface views. Might be cerebellum

On 12/3/2019 11:30 AM, Laurel Quinlan wrote:

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      Hi Freesurfer Support,

One of my colleagues receives the following error after running a recon:

exited with errors: "excessive topologic defect encountered: could not allocate 
289309485 edges
for retessellation"

I checked the inflated view and there does appear to be significant portions of 
the brain missing
(however I cannot see this in 2D). I've attached a screenshot of the inflated 

How would I go about fixing the error? 

Thank you!

Laurel Quinlan
Associate Research Specialist
Center for Healthy Minds
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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