Those are the number of defects in the ?h.orig.nofix. Not sure why the two 
people see different numbers. Are you totally sure they are being run in 
exactly the same way? If they made different edits (control points, brain mask) 
then it could result in different number of holes

On 12/3/2019 2:38 PM, Laurel Quinlan wrote:

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Hi Freesurfer Support,

I'm wondering how ?h.surfaceholes prior to fixing and "Total number of defect 
holes in surfaces prior to fixing" are calculated in the aseg.stats file for 
each brain. I compared aseg.stats files for the same brain edited by two 
different people, and I noticed that there were different numbers of holes 
listed for each person, despite the brain being the same.

For example:
lhSurfaceHoles 130 vs 61
rhSurfaceHoles 102 vs 80
Total number of defect holes 232 vs 141

Why would those numbers be so different?


Laurel Quinlan
Associate Research Specialist
Center for Healthy Minds
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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