When you set a variable to a list of multiple things, you need parentheses 
around them (see the example config file for this). My recommendation to make 
things simpler for yourself is to remove any variables where you are just using 
the default settings, and only keep the ones where you define where your input 
files are (see also tutorial for this).
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Dear Freesurfers experts,

I'm a beginner in the diffusion imaging preprocessing. I was following the 
freesurfer/dti tutorial with my own data when i get stuck in the trac-all step. 
I have created the configuration files trying to follow the tutorial 
instructions and when I tried to run the trac-all command I get the following 

pcpb3846:4220 lab1-rmn$ trac-all -prep -c $TUTORIAL_DATA/outputs/dmrirc.tutorial

set: Variable name must contain alphanumeric characters.

ERROR: must specify either one number of control points

ERROR: or as many numbers as pathways

You can find my configuration file in attached. Any help would be very 

Thank in advance.

Best regards,
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