I noticed that the Digital Amateur TV guys used a ADRF6755 chip, and
they seem to have very little problems with IQ, other than expense. It
is driven by a AD9767 DAC and USB. But it looks like that project is

The replacement is going to be released soon. The
MiniTiuouner-Express. Don't know what chips it's going to use. I'm
currently using a ADALM-PLUTO for SDR and GNU Radio, but should be
getting a mini-Lime SDR this month.

The price of these boards is about $150. So it would be cheaper to
just buy a nice used VHF SSB radio :-)

Won't get Hams to that $100 VHF 10 Watt 2 kHz BW mythical radio...

On Fri, Feb 2, 2018 at 1:09 PM, Bruce Perens <br...@perens.com> wrote:
> Having built an I/Q modulator in hardware, I don't suggest that you go from
> the digital to the analog domain as I/Q if you can avoid it. It's difficult
> to keep the modulator in balance.

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