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We're all 'Jack Of All Trades" right, and duplexers, particularly for 2m are a 

Here is a surplus UHF set from a VK5 site, yes 3/4 wave @ 70cm, perfect for 2m

Using commercial surplus gear is "our speciality".

Coupling loop progress:

Higher freq pass

Lower freq pass

TNC connectors because two N connectors won't fit in the cavity access hole.

I can only get 32db notch depth with a single N and the series loop and cap 

The above do 35db or so. (measured by my Wiltron 640)

See: http://www.repeater-builder.com/projects/coupling-loop-research.html

===== Now here's the tricky bit ==============

Notice my coupling loops have a Large Area and a two & half turn loop.

"Why is it so?"  -- Julius Sumner-Miller

It makes it so so much easier to adjust the pass-to-notch spacing.

Where is this discussed anywhere else?

73 - does anybody actually have this valve?


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