I've just tagged the first candidate for the FreeType 2.2.0 release
and invite any brave soul and distribution maintainer to try it out in order
to find any problems with it.

This release candidate is intended to *not* break any desktop on not-too-old
Unix distributions. By "not-too-old", I mean anything that was provided and
compiled against FreeType 2.1.7 or later.

We've made considerable efforts to avoid breaking any ABI compatibility from
well known "rogue clients" (i.e. libraries and programs that directly
peek at font
engine internals, or those who use beta/experimental APIs we didn't
intend to
be used in production code)

There are two ways to get it:

  - the first one is to use anonymous CVS:

       - the CVSROOT is
:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/sources/freetype
       - the module name is 'freetype2'
       - the tag is 'VER-2-2-0-RC1'

     for example, use the following command:

      cvs -z3 -d:pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/sources/freetype co /freetype2

  you'll need to regenerate the 'configure' script by doing the following:

     cd freetype2
     sh autogen.sh

  install as usual:

     ./configure --prefix=<yourprefix> --disable-static
     make install    (eventually as root)

  - the second one is to download the pre-packaged tarball at:


   this one already contains a valid 'configure' script for Linux
   systems. You may need to run 'autogen.sh' on other systems though

Please report any problem you encounter. We hope you'll not find a single
one, but we don't have the time to test on a wide array of distributions
at the moment. We'll release new candidates as soon as we get feedback.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release breaks *sources* compatibility for any
rogue client. Fortunately, these are rather rare, and we provide some
patches for most of them at the following address:


Best Regards,

- David Turner
- The FreeType Project  (www.freetype.org)


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