> This small program can dump the outlines, hinted or unhinted, of
> glyphs under windows.  It is helpful for identifying whether certain
> rendering differences result from the bytecode interpreter or from
> the monochrone raster.

Very good that you've written that!  I've asked for such a program
years ago.  BTW, perhaps you find a better name for this smal

> For example, we can dump the glyph `8' from tahoma at 11ppem. [...]
> these 3 points are 1/64 pixel higher under windows.  We then know
> that the rendering difference should result from the bytecode
> interpreter.  (the IP just before the IUPs is suspicious.  It seems
> windows is doing something undocumented.)

Probably, I don't know

> Werner knew this. I don't know how he knew though :-)

Using FontForge to single-step through the bytecode instructions!
This makes great fun (and drives George crazy because of my many bug
reports and feature suggestions).


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