>> I don't have Japanese or Chinese text handy, but I want it on my finger tips 
>> for Freetype testing. What is bad about hard coding it into Freetype ?
> I'm not suggesting to change ftview/ftstring to use gettext framework 
> (because it would be too much), but having the binary executable and the 
> collection of text files for testing would not be so difficult solution for 
> the developers automating the tests. In my personal impression, for some 
> languages, it would be difficult to define the best sample text, so it would 
> be difficult for us to choose the best text which is worthful to hardwire 
> into the binary executable.

ftstring  -m can handle Unicode strings but I found it to be cumbersome as I 
had to copy-paste sample strings from the browser. I can hard code Unicode 
using c89 escaped strings byte by byte but it looks ugly, c99 \uhhhh escaped 
Unicode looks more natural.

I only want to cover languages natively spoken by more than 100 mln people. 
This is just 10 languages and strings. 
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