> While looking at those old Apple testing fonts from 1997.  I found
> very weird cmap0's in hebrew and arabic fonts.  First, those fonts
> do not have ASCII glyphs for the range 0x20-0x7F.  Second, they
> still map the ASCII range to some special hebrew/arabic characters.
> This totally confuses me because Apple Hebrew and Apple Arabic are
> described with proper ASCII range in the documentation
> ftp://ftp.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/VENDORS/APPLE/ .  How is this
> even legal?  Are they using some undocumented tricks to setup cmap
> format 0?

Fortunately, it's definitely legal!  However, it might be invalid :-)

To be serious, I don't know such details, alas.  Maybe there is Mac
veteran on the list who can give more details...


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