I have just pushed b66 out. It detects a a whole bunch of much rarer font 
plus tightening the maxp.maxStackElements check.

You should be able to update FontVal 2.0 by just grabbing the newer the 
libfreetype.6.dylib and replacing the one bundled with FontVal 2.0.

Sorry I don't have any plan of making another FontVal release any time soon; I 
only just checked the new 32-bit windows patched freetype dll works correctly; 
so if libfreetype.6.dylib doesn't work on the mac, try the windows dlls.

FontVal already checks maxFunctionDefs, maxInstructionDefs, maxStorage quite 
specifically, and also largely maxTwilightPoints, not sure about 
maxSizeOfInstructions . I think if you go over maxSizeOfInstructions there 
would be one of the generic "value outside bound" error messages; FreeTypes add 
4 to maxTwilightPoints (implementation details) - not quite for the same 
reason, but the outcome is similar - i.e. when you choose a low 
maxTwilightPoints and starts to get errors, add 4 for the real limit.


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