> A call to `t1disasm' from the `t1utils' package might give clues if
> you compare the Type1 file hints with the ones created by the `ttx'
> disassembler.

I did a:

  $ ls | xargs -L1 detype1 | grep "stem "

and the result was empty. `detype1' is from the AFDKO. I tried the
same with `t1disasm' too, none either. I guess this one doesn't have

> FontForge is able to output AFM files also while exporting Type 1
> fonts; maybe this helps.

Thanks, I'll try that.

> I suppose that the Type1->CFF engine transition in FreeType is not
> affected by AFM handling (via `FT_Attach_File'), right?

I presume not; fonts with AFM data are still being handled properly,
such as with Courier in one of the gifs I posted.


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