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> Trying with
> what font Hin-Tak provided didn't give any extra
> clues
> unfortunately, and the hints in that
> one appear to be broken too -
> they
> didn't show up in the interpreter debug trace.
> I feel that the cause for the
> line spacing lies with the font
> converter,
> and there's no other way to obtain the same vertical
> advance without those tables.
fontforge does output afm. But I did not include them in the tar ball as the 
intended purpose (TeX) of outcome does need them. If you use the fontforge 
script itself, or go a bit further later in that mail archive for the one about 
'Combo script', and run the script itself with fontforge, it should generate 
afm also. It is the last line. You might be able to adapt that for non-CJK font 
too. It takes about 25 minutes to run on my hardware to convert the 25M(?) of 
CJK font so be patient; and takes about 1.5GB of ram - fontforge is quite 
hungry but we are talking about loading a large cjk font . ascii fonts will be 
quicker and use less resources.  

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