On Fri, Aug 4, 2017 at 9:52 PM, Werner LEMBERG <w...@gnu.org> wrote:

> > With color fonts, I'm finding that loading space character is
> > failing with FreeType even though there's cmap entry in the font.
> > It should result in empty glyph bitmap IMO.  NotoColorEmoji
> > reproduces for me, as does emojione-apple.ttf
> Indeed.  Can you give me pointers to the OpenType specification where
> this situation is covered?  Currently, I don't find it...

I cannot, because as it happens nowhere it says that it is an error if a
strike does not contain an image for a glyph. :-)

Joking aside, from the spec's point of view, bitmaps always accompanied
outline shapes.  In that situation, a missing bitmap meant "use outline".
With CBLT/CBDT color fonts, there is no outlines and it is expected that
any needed shape be present in all strikes.  I think it's a logical follow
up that if a strike does not provide a bitmap for a glyph, that glyph has
no drawing.

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