> Please give an exact recipe how you configure and compile FreeType (on
> what platform?), and how you call valgrind (which version, BTW?) –
> I'll try to reproduce.

I'm using Debian 8.9 (jessie).

I've always compiled FreeType with the provided makefile, which calls
gcc with -g and -O2 for everything. The only option I changed from
master branch is defining FT_DEBUG_LEVEL_TRACE.

Then I ran:
 $ valgrind --tool=callgrind bin/ftbench -b a -f 1 ~/SourceHanSans-Regular.otf
 $ kcachegrind

valgrind is of version 3.10.0 and kcachegrind is of version 0.7.4kde

In other words, I'm running with mostly default settings, and the
documentation for callgrind did not mention any special steps to take,
it seemed like it should have worked straight out of the box...


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