>> Sorry, I'm not sure how I should go about this.  I went with
>> exporting PDF from LibreOffice, but when I opened that in Acroread I
>> get LCD rendering (see attached).
> Well, yes.
> Monochrome?  Please explain.  I think there no longer exists an
> environment where Acroread would return monochrome images...

Never mind, I wanted to have the same conditions as my ftgrid/ftview
results so as to compare on the same basis, but I'll just change those
to LCD mode instead.

> Attached are two solutions for xelatex; [...]

Thanks, I'll try it.

> OK.  So it seems we have to go this route.  Given that Type 1 fonts
> are no longer important today (combined with faster and faster
> computers), we certainly can live with a second pass.

OK, I'll be finding a way to add this in with minimal clutter to the
code. I'm thinking to add an extra check to the top to skip stuff
other than stem hints first time round, then rewinding on `endchar'.

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