> I have a font viewer that uses your freetype library.  It displays
> all Windows fonts correctly except the WebDings/Wingdings ones.

You don't tell us which FreeType version you are using...

>   FT_UInt index;
>   FT_ULong charcode = FT_Get_First_Char( g_FT_face, &index );
>   while ( index != 0 )
>   {
>     // [ do stuff here ]
>     charcode = FT_Get_Next_Char( g_FT_face, charcode, &index );
>  }
> .. which works on all fonts except the ones mentioned above.  On
> those, the first call fails immediately because face->charmap ==

There was a recent change in the library, to exactly follow the
documentation: FreeType only selects Unicode as a default charmap.  If
a font doesn't provide one (as is the case for a Wingdings or WebDings
font, which provide a `symbol' charmap instead), you have to select the
charmap explicitly.  I guess this is your problem.

> In the end, for windows symbol fonts I did this, it seems to work:
> [...]

Well, this is suboptimal, of course :-)


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