>>>> +#define FT_UINT_TO_POINTER( x ) (void*)(uintptr_t)(x)
>>> Strangely, uintptr_t never came up in
>>> https://savannah.nongnu.org/bugs/index.php?50560
>>> It is C99 though.
>> Exactly.  Thus we cannot use it (at least not unconditionally).  I
>> don't mind if the LLP64 data model gets untied from Windows, but it
>> should be a portable solution that works with pre-C99 compilers
>> also.
> C99 is 20 years old.  At work where we tend to be a bit conservative
> about compilers and environment, even for embedded targets our
> current compiler support it just my 2cents

Hmm.  Using C99 would certainly simplify life.

Maybe we can announce in the forthcoming release that we are switching
to C99 later on.



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