Dear Werner,

Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> Hmm.  Using C99 would certainly simplify life.
> Maybe we can announce in the forthcoming release that we are switching
> to C99 later on.
> Comments?

I have no objection to have some conditional parts for C99-
specific feature, but I feel negative with the total migration
to C99. "For LLP64 platform except of Win64, C99 compiler is
needed" would be enough, if Pierre's guessing is correct.

The usage of FT_UINT_TO_POINTER() macro is only used to store
the 32-bit integer (GID) into the storage of FT_List object
directly. I feel it's overkill to close C89 support just to
keep this method in LLP64 on the platforms which we have not
known their names yet.


If we have a time machine, we should suggest to have an union
instead of void pointer in FT_ListRec X-(

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