Hello Gayan!

> I'm Gayan Kavirathne, a final year computer science & Engineering
> undergraduate at University of Moratuwa - Sri Lanka.  I have been
> working on project which converts freeType,openType and RegularType
> fonts to unicode. It currently supports only for south east asian
> fonts only.  So your organization made an interest on me.  Looking
> forward to contribute.


> Split the existing fuzz target into many Above project looks
> interesting and I would like to get know the mentors to get started
> with.

This e-mail list is the right forum to discuss GSoC ideas; all
potential mentors are reading it.  However, you should first get a bit
acquainted with FreeType fuzzing – please follow the links and try to
compile FreeType's fuzzer binary (see `src/tools/ftfuzzer').

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