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> > Now after some time now after working on FreeType I am getting
> > familiar with the code base.
> Good.
> > After studying the proposed projects I would like to work upon 'the
> > integration of VFlib's TeX format drivers into FreeType' as my the
> > GSOC project.  I am currently studying VFlib and trying to figure
> > out its working.  Can you please help me how should I proceed
> > further with the project.
> Do you have any experience with TeX?  I forgot to mention in the GSoC
> description that this is a strong recommendation.
> I've just updated the information on
>   https://www.freetype.org/gsoc.html
> regarding the canonic references of the PK, GF, and VF font formats.
> Please check again.
> Regarding the implementation, you should have a look at bitmap drivers
> already present in FreeType (`winfonts', `pcf', `bdf'; `winfonts' is
> the simplest one).  Essentially, you have to implement the necessary
> methods of the module's `FT_Driver_ClassRec' structure.
>     Werner

I have worked with tex in some of my documentations, but I think I can work
upon the tex document production system.
I'll now first get familiar with Tex Live and the canonicals of font
Are there any other recommendations which I should follow?

Thank You

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