> I'd like to know whether the project also involves converting the
> non-documentation pages (Home page, Overview etc.) to markdown, so
> that the whole site can be deployed at once?

As Nikolaus has answered: yes.  However, the main focus should be on
the technical issues, not the contents.  In other words, a raw,
automated translation from HTML to markdown in the source code is
fully sufficient.

> I was also thinking about how the API documentation will be
> generated after the Markdown porting is complete.  Will the
> 'converter' that we select be supplied with the source code of the
> docmaker so that the markdown can be converted to HTML when `make
> refdoc` or equivalent is called?

Basically, this is not important.  I don't mind if I have to install
an additional tool for processing the API documentation in case this
is the most convenient way.  What I want is the following.

  1. Edit the API documentation (in markdown format) in a C header

  2. Call `make refdoc' to get nicely formatted HTML of the whole API
     that I can include stand-alone in the FreeType tarball.

  3. Call `make markdown' (or something similar) to create markdown
     files that I can copy to the freetype-web repository.  Within the
     freetype-web repository I then want to say `make web' to get
     nicely formatted HTML that is integrated into the FreeType

I'm not sure whether step 3 is necessary – right now, I simply copy
the HTML pages created by docmaker to the freetype-web repository...

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