> (file:///home/bhaskar/Desktop/test-htmltomarkdown/doc1stpage.html) i
> have tried to convert the home page of the freetype into markdown,
> will be removing the whitespaces to make it more readable.

As mentioned in another e-mail, it doesn't make sense right now to
convert the homepage except for testing purposes to find out what you
are going to write into your proposal :-)

> Want to know wheather we have to convert the left side (Home,news,
> overview part too)??

Well, yes.  The ultimate goal is to have *everything* converted to
markdown,[*] with navigation, CSS, etc., etc.: `make web' should
create a state-of-the-art webpage that looks good.  In particular,
there should an *easy* way to quickly and automatically generate the


[*] I.e., the FreeType2 stuff, not the old FreeType1 data.

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