I am a student at TU Wien (Vienna, Austria) and currently writing my Bachelor 
Thesis. I love low-level programming (esp. using C on Unix) and I also 
specialised on automated code validation as much as possible (which is part of 
my Bachelor Thesis).

While I am new to working on font rendering, I do have a high appreciation for 
this topic due to a professional background in web design. Naturally, lots of 
things came together, when I browsed your list of project ideas and found the 
idea of developing a testing framework - this sounds like an amazing way for me 
to explore a new topic!

Apart from that I pick up things and ideas very quickly and would, should you 
accept my proposal in April, read into the concepts and ideas of font rendering 
until May; I know a professor to ask about this already. I faced a similar 
situation with GSoC last year where I worked on Mono and got accustomed to a 
large and previously unknown code base with many new ideas/concepts extremely 

I would really love to be part of FreeType this summer but, due to my lack of 
experience with font rendering in general, I wonder if you think that I am a 
good fit to you?

Thanks for all your thoughts in advance! :)

Best regards
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