Oh, what a coincidence, that sounds great! :D

Thanks also for this very positive feedback, I will have a look at the other 
GSoC student's work and prepare a proper draft of a blueprint to implement such 
a framework then. Is a link to a Google document appreciated for such purposes?

Thanks again,
On 07/03/2018 14:31:35, Werner LEMBERG <w...@gnu.org> wrote:

Hello Armin!

> I am a student at TU Wien (Vienna, Austria)...

Aah, ich unterrichte zweimal die Woche in der Mühlgasse :-)

> ... [I] found the idea of developing a testing framework - this
> sounds like an amazing way for me to explore a new topic!


> Apart from that I pick up things and ideas very quickly and would,
> should you accept my proposal in April, read into the concepts and
> ideas of font rendering until May; I know a professor to ask about
> this already.

Good – and of course we could also meet face to face...

> I would really love to be part of FreeType this summer but, due to
> my lack of experience with font rendering in general, I wonder if
> you think that I am a good fit to you?

Lack of experience with fonts is not a problem, since you can
essentially consider FreeType as a black box that you feed with test
fonts on the one side, and comparing its output with a baseline on the
other side. What we need is a comfortable tool that helps us quickly
find rendering differences for various rendering and hinting modes.

Last year, a GSoC student already started with preliminary support
(which is far from finished) – see the `GSoC-2017-kushal' branch of
FreeType's git repository. I think you could extend it further.

Awaiting your draft proposal :-)

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