Certainly.  You are welcome to set something up!  I was too lazy to
do it myself...


I'm currently looking at size and symbol differences of libfreetype (on Fedora 27 x86_64, GCC 7.3.1) when compiling with Autotools and CMake. I built the shared lib both times without changing any options.

Library configuration:
  external zlib: yes (pkg-config)
  bzip2:         yes (pkg-config)
  libpng:        yes (pkg-config)
  harfbuzz:      yes (pkg-config)
Size after `strip --strip-debug`: 756000 bytes
Defined external symbols (`nm -g --defined-only`):

Looking good, matches what I remember of the Windows DLL printout.

-- Building with ZLIB
-- Building with BZip2
-- Building with PNG
-- Found PkgConfig: /usr/bin/pkg-config (found version "1.3.12")
-- Checking for module 'harfbuzz>=0.9.7'
--   Found harfbuzz, version 1.4.8
-- Checking for module 'harfbuzz-icu>=0.9.18'
--   Found harfbuzz-icu, version 1.4.8
-- Building with HarfBuzz
Size after `strip --strip-debug`: 1060536 bytes
Defined external symbols (`nm -g --defined-only`):

Looking less stellar, lots of private module functions exported that shouldn't be!

Investigating. @Alexei is this maybe what you meant by defining DLL_EXPORT?

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