>> Maybe an endianness problem while setting up the external array
>> holding the PCF data?
> I believe no.


>> If you activate debugging with
>> in `ftoption.h', then setting the environment variable `FT2_DEBUG'
>> to `any:7' you will perhaps get more detailed information on the
>> problem FreeType has encountered.  [In case your environment
>> doesn't have environment variables you have to adjust `ftdebug.c'
>> accordingly.]
>     FT_BASE_DEF( void )
>     ft_debug_init( void )
>     [...]
> Hmm.... no output.

This is certainly a problem on your side :-)

>> By the way, the assembly code is broken with thumb2: [...]
>> Can you fix it?  I have zero knowledge w.r.t. assembler code.
> I will try, can you tell me what it's intention...

It should be a fast equivalent of the corresponding C code
(cf. `FT_MulFix' in files `freetype.h' and `ftcalc.c').

> This is the code I found in freetype [...]


> int64_t is supported, but generate long code like this: [...]

Maybe this code can be manually optimized.  Note, however, that for
handling PCF files this is overkill since the PCF module doesn't need
FT_MulFix at all.


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