[I had to read this paragraph three times until I was able to
 understand it :-/  Please write shorter sentences!]

>   While exploring for the policy to be used for converting source
> code to markdown (though most of the necessary modules are
> implemented in
> http://git.savannah.gnu.org/cgit/freetype/freetype2.git/tree/src/tools/docmaker
> it is found that only implementing a module named tomarkdown.py
> similar to tohtml.py, it can be achieved with some minor
> modifications in other files as well [...]

I must admit that I haven't thought intensively how to improve the
`docmaker' tool for a forthcoming markdown usage.  Basically, I'm open
to all suggestions that work :-)

> Docmaker currently works with python2 only, I made some minor
> modification so that they are compatible with python3 as well and
> removed some unused imports.

Nice, thanks!  Committed now.  The next time, however, please follow
the formatting within the source file.  In particular, you wrote


while everything else in the .py files uses

  foo( ccc )


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