>>> I do not like `quoted' text.

Do you mean in the input or in the output?  Right now, `...' in the
input has two purposes.

(1) It is used as a poor-man's substitute for inline code snippets –
    the thing Nikhil is talking.

(2) It is *really* used for quotations, i.e., `foo' should be
    converted to ‘foo’.  Note that I prefer ‘foo’ over “foo”, since it
    is less intrusive to my eyes.

This should be disentangled.  However, I don't want to throw away (2)

>> I do have a suggestion - Changing variable names and inline code
>> snippets to `foobar` instead of `foobar'.  Markdown will add an
>> inline code block around the text (see attached image).
> Yes, I would prefer this.

Me too.

> There was a reason to use different quotes, which I do not remember.

See (2).  `foo' is good old TeX tradition for quotation input.  It's
OK with me to change the `foo' style to 'foo' for (2) in the source
code, as used by markdown.

> Do we have to change the quote style or your scripts can do it?

While the majority of `...' is case (1), we have a lot of (2) also.
In other words, a fully automated conversion is not possible IMHO.

BTW, there is a buglet in the conversion script: Have a look at the
`note' section of


The current code in the header file starts with

  Because `*aglyph->advance.x' and '*aglyph->advance.y' are 16.16 ...

Note how the stuff between the two `*' gets incorrectly converted to
italics in the HTML output.

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