Hi Team,

We are using freetype-2.8.1. When we try to print the text characters ,
sometimes little top portion of text characters got stripped off. Pixel
size passed to FT library is 30. No issue is seen with freetype-2.5.2.

It is seen, ascent value returned from font metrics is not returned
properly from the ttdriver.c in recent versions of freetype. Please find
the code part below:

*  static FT_Error*
*  tt_size_request( FT_Size          size,*
*                   FT_Size_Request  req )*
*  {*
*    if ( FT_IS_SCALABLE( size->face ) )*
*    {*
*      error = tt_size_reset( ttsize, 0 ); //few metrics parameters like
ascent etc are changed locally in tt_size_reset() function, but not
updating the global size metrics. So, updates not getting reflected in
*      ........................*
*    }*
* }*

There is a line to update this in version 2.5.2.  It looks this removal
happened as part of commit *bcc74f4dafee25ea89f1d3144646cba7e30f9908*. Do
we have any specific reason for this removal?. Please clarify this.


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