Hi all,

I've been working on improving docwriter's maintainability. These are
the changes made in the past few days:

* Docwriter now uses the standard logging library of python, instead
of printing directly to stderr. This gives greater control over
messages and their formatting.

* Docwriter can now be run with the `--quiet` or `--verbose` options
(thanks to logging levels), and this is very helpful for debugging.

* I have added Travis CI testing with various unit tests and an
integration test. With this, every commit is tested with multiple
versions (both 2 and 3) of Python. Test results are always available
at https://github.com/nikramakrishnan/freetype-docwriter (in the
README part below) and

* I have also added Landscape's code 'health' monitor, which uses
multiple linting tools to rate the code's quality.

Please let me know if there are any comments or suggestions!

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