Hello Moazin,

> I am applying to GSoC this year as well and I am particularly
> interested in the project "Port the font-rs/fontdue rendering engine
> to FreeType".


> Firstly, I saw that the project obviously requires knowing Rust.
> While I am not a Rust programmer, I do know many of the basics due
> to my experience with `resvg' last year.  I'm able to easily read
> and understand Rust code.  I'm also going to be improving my
> knowledge of Rust as I further prepare the proposal.  I guess this
> should be sufficient?

Yes, I think.

> [...] The actual raster part is mostly in `src/raster.rs' which is
> quite small.  Also, creating a C wrapper for Rust code is an easy
> process (compared to other programming languages).  Given the small
> size of the rendering engine it seems that implementing it from
> scratch in C inside FreeType isn't too hard either.  Though I don't
> know if there is any advantage to doing that? The dependency issue
> maybe?

Please always have embedded systems in mind.  On such platforms it's
rather unlikely to find a Rust compiler, thus a conversion to C sounds

> Another thing I saw was that this engine can't handle Cubic Bezier
> curves, only Quadratic.  FreeType does support font formats which
> use Cubic Bezier curves. So maybe I can add this functionality to it
> as part of this project.  (unless there is something in the
> algorithm that can't be applied on Cubic curves or other font
> formats in general)

I think this would be a very useful addition.  Raph?

> I think that porting can be done by:
> 1. Creating a C wrapper for font-rs (for the rendering part at
>    least).

Well, *only* the rendering part, since the rest is done by FreeType

> 2. Creating a new rendering module in FreeType that can provide the
>    necessary "glue" code.

Yes.  As mentioned above, a conversion to C would be useful, too.

I don't have any special tips or requirements for a proposal. :-)


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