In freetype 2.2.1 CVS version from 20061013, "Luxi Mono" is
rendered completely broken when the autohinter is not used.

See this screen shot (from ftview):

When the autohinter is switched on, the problem disappears,
see the following screen shot:

It is nice that the autohinter improves the rendering, but why is the
rendering completely broken without the autohinter?

The problem did not exist in freetype 2.1.10, see the following
two screen shots:

In freetype 2.1.10, switching off the autohinter changes the rendering
results only slighly, there is no such huge difference as with
freetype where the rendering of "Luxi Mono" without the
autohinter is completely broken.

By the way, both freetype version used for testing this were compiled
*with* the byte code interpreter!

The font is /usr/share/fonts/truetype/luximr.ttf as distributed
with release 7.1. This font is also available here:


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