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> I use the 8.4'' LED DisplyLCD that supports 800 * 600 pixels, 96dpi.
> The reason I use the LCD_V is that I compare the results of LCD and
> LCD_V and I think LCD_V mode is more clear and LCD_V mode is more
> like the fonts on windows CE.

But it depends on the display's subpixel geometry whether to use
horizontal or vertical alignment!

> In the attachement, I give you the sample of me.

[Such smaller images can be sent easily to the list, BTW.]

Thanks, but it seems that those images are taken from emulators,
right?  This doesn't help.  Please check your target device with a
magnifying glass: Only if the red, blue, and green subpixels are
arranged horizontally like


you should use `LCD_V'.  If you are going to use the display like a
modern hand-held device (i.e., you can rotate it as you like) you
shouldn't use subpixel rendering at all.


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