after writing epydoc for kaa.beacon I played around with Sphinx. I must
sya, it looks much better and you have more control over the output. You
can add more doc between method descriptions and stuff like that. On the
other hand, it is more work. I have not figured out everything, but here
are some details:

 - Simple, auto-generation of new class and functions without additional
   work. It just generates everything it sees.
 - We have already code formated for epydoc
 - All doc is inside the source files
 - Auto-crossrefs using L{classname}
 - Limited to API doc

 - More control over the output, IMHO it also looks better
 - Needs more work
 - Supports additional doc outside the code like examples and
   tutorials. This makes the code easier to read when the extra doc is
   outside the code.

 - Epydoc uses @return: and Sphinx uses :return:. Simple change, but
   everything has to be adjusted.

What should we use?


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