Small correction here:

Am Montag, 29. Januar 2018 14:41:24 UTC+1 schrieb zcourts:
> Given the clear difference between the submission and later execution of 
> the expressions, I'm wondering if it's feasible to use the Frege compiler 
> to actually generate code and keep reference to the compiled expression 
> that is then executed later when some event triggers it. From reading 
> however I get the 
> impression that's probably not practical because Frege's compiler's 
> generating Java which will need to be compiled after. If that's the case, 
> what does the REPL do, how's it able to "compile" Frege and run in the same 
> session?

Actually, the generation of Java code is just one step in the pipeline.
It's simply the most easy way to generate bytecode and class files when you 
run on a JDK.

Regards, Ingo

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