FWIW, I tend to use stochastic to mean a process with a collection of 
variables, some of which are (pseudo) randomly set and some of which are not. A 
"random process" would imply a process where either all the variables are 
random OR where the randomly set variables are dominant. A process can be 
stochastic even if the randomness has little effect.

My use of indeterminate is ambiguous. In processes where we're ignorant of how 
a variable is set, those variables are indeterminate​. But I also use it to 
mean unset variables. E.g. a semaphore that's being polled for a value or state 
change. But as with stochasticity, a "don't care" variable can be indeterminate 
without making the whole process indeterminate.

On August 8, 2017 11:23:29 PM PDT, Grant Holland <grant.holland...@gmail.com> 
>In science, these three terms are generally interchangeable. Their 
>common usage is that they all describe activities, or "events", that
>"subject to chance". Such activities, events or processes that are 
>described by these terms are governed by the laws of probability. They 
>all describe activities, events, or "happenings" whose repetitions do 
>not always produce the same outcomes even when given the same inputs 
>every time (initial conditions). In other words, uncertainty is
>However, like most words, these enjoy other usage, meanings, as well. 
>For example "random" is sometimes used to mean "disorganized" or 
>"lacking in specific pattern". This is a very different meaning than 
>"activities that don't always produce the same outcome given the same 
>inputs". Consider what a math formula for each of these tow meanings 
>wold consist of. One of them would be based on probabilities; but the 
>other would involve stationary relationships.
>On 8/8/17 5:31 PM, Nick Thompson wrote:
>> Grant,
>> I think I know the answer to this question, but want to make sure:
>> What is the difference beween calling a process “stochastic”, 
>> “indeterminate”, or “random”?

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