Having skimmed your paper, I think the wikipedia quote is adequate and more 
appropriate simply because it's shorter:

> Leda Cosmides argued in an interview:
>     "Those who have a professional knowledge of evolutionary biology know 
> that it is not possible to cook up after the fact explanations of just any 
> trait. There are important constraints on evolutionary explanation. More to 
> the point, every decent evolutionary explanation has testable predictions 
> about the design of the trait. For example, the hypothesis that pregnancy 
> sickness is a byproduct of prenatal hormones predicts different patterns of 
> food aversions than the hypothesis that it is an adaptation that evolved to 
> protect the fetus from pathogens and plant toxins in food at the point in 
> embryogenesis when the fetus is most vulnerable – during the first trimester. 
> Evolutionary hypotheses – whether generated to discover a new trait or to 
> explain one that is already known – carry predictions about the nature of 
> that trait. The alternative – having no hypothesis about adaptive function – 
> carries no predictions whatsoever. So which is the more constrained and sober 
> scientific approach?" 

Given that, we can move back to Jordan Peterson and ask: Are there any testable 
hypotheses for this "alpha male" concept Peterson peddles to his "masculinity" 

On 02/14/2018 10:48 AM, Nick Thompson wrote:
> Once the two extreme positions have been set aside, we are left in the messy 
> middle. 
> */Under what circumstances and in which domains does knowledge of human 
> evolutionary history have anything to contribute to our understanding of 
> contemporary human behavior?  /*
> I would love to have a sustained, thoughtful discussion of this question on 
> this list.  It is very close to my heart.   Because I don’t have time, right 
> now,  to write a screed, or even a rant, I shall fall back on that practice 
> favored by all academic scoundrels:  I shall cite one of my own papers. 
> <https://www.researchgate.net/publication/302220782_My_Descent_from_the_Monkey>
>   (If this link doesn’t work, could somebody let me know, please?)

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