While I agree that your *narrative* is plausible, I'm always skeptical of such 
narratives. The system is more complex than these stories we tell ourselves. I 
didn't confidently support impeachment until Trump released his readout of the 
Ukraine call. And most of my more conservative friends didn't support 
impeachment until the whistleblower came forward. Those who've been shouting 
for Trump's impeachment for years were not in control of the process.

More importantly, I think Obama should have been impeached, as well. To me, his 
drone strikes were very close to crimes against humanity ... but, of course, 
crimes against humanity may not be crimes against our country... I don't know. 
But the larger point is that communities are responsible for policing 
themselves. Everyone should *welcome* challenges to their narrative. So, Obama 
should have welcomed impeachment inquiries into his actions. Trump should 
welcome the impeachment inquiry *and* that into Russian interference. All 
rational people should welcome challenges to their words and actions.

Think of impeachment like your friend telling you there's spinach in your teeth.

On 11/9/19 12:05 AM, Prof David West wrote:
"They" is a very small number of individuals who directly control/influence the 
existing impeachment effort — Schiff and 50+ percent of House Members, Hillary and her 
closest cohort, a finite number of columnists, pundits, and commentators.

In my opinion, both the Clinton and the Trump impeachment efforts were not 
motivated by, and did not actualize, a very necessary system of checks and 
balances. Both were motivated by personal and partisan animosity.

And, in the case of Trump, motivated by deeply bruised egos.

"They" cannot believe that 49% of the electorate and most of the  populace outside of the 
northeast, west coast, and enclaves like Santa Fe, could possibly disagree with them. Therefore, 
Trump supporters are certifiably: racists, deplorables, and/or uneducated fools. And Trump has to 
be illegitimate, and must be removed from office for no other reason than he is a symbol of 
"Their" failures.

Impeachment is the wrong tool, wielded by the wrong people, for the wrong 
reasons, at the wrong time.

Its inevitable failure will almost guarantee "four more years" and, far more importantly, 
devalue an essential check & balance tool to the point that future Houses will shy from its use and 
open the door to "really bad things."

There are so many other ways that the country could have been protected from Trump and his 
re-election made impossible. But those alternatives would require reason, effort, and, most 
importantly for "They," some "agonizing reappraisal." (Mao)

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