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For long-term use. do we have any current best practices about face Shields
vs masks.? just about every place that's come up that's at least somewhat
reputable. doesn't seem to actually have long-term best practices much less
studies.Asking because I have noticed  at some point after wearing some
cloth masks I had started getting weird breathing stuff and I'm just
kidding tickling in the back of my throat for example. and just from
personal experience just but any place that I've come across that needs
people to wear some form of long-term protection. Lake dental offices or
even though the Radiology lab that I was just at. the staff was using face
Shields over masks. so basically being curious I thought why not ask if
anyone knows what the long-term and actual safety difference is between the

My personal knee-jer reaction is that a official seems like it might almost
work as well. Simply because you physically cover more of your face.
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