Rather than -emic vs -etic, I prefer Lagrangian vs Eulerian, respectively. This avoids the concept 
of "inside" vs "outside", which then avoids the scoping issue Marcus raised re: 
nation vs other types of boundaries.

A self-imposed identity is just as imposed as an other-imposed identity. While 
some of us may chafe at other-imposed vs self-imposed, I think there's another 
type of person, those who resist any stable identity, whether other- or 
self-imposed. And resistance is the wrong way to frame it. It's more like a 
tendency to swirl around in an attractor versus a tendency to hop from one 
basin to another.

He/Him may be relatively accurate today. But I'm not committing to its accuracy 

On 10/5/23 12:50, Steve Smith wrote:
on Emic vs Etic <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emic_and_etic> POVs.  My own "individualism" is armatured significantly around "/I don't like to be told/" with being */told who I am/* perhaps the most egregious, even if I'm being told that "/I'm someone who doesn't like to be told who I am"/.

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