On 10/9/23 9:24 AM, Marcus Daniels wrote:
I mean there are some categories that are disjoint or mostly disjoint.   
Similarly, the grounding is not total.   I agree that value systems like MAGA 
have power, but they don't have truth.  There is no truth.  All there is, is 
power, which is my point.  QM and demagoguery are both tools, with different 
contexts for use.

Which is why "speaking truth to power" is considered a vain conceit by some?  Or "by some" are we speaking only of the cynical who seem to be close cousin to the nihil?

BTW... I ran this by my "new bar friend" ChatGPT and they set me straight...  there are plenty of other reasons to take this position besides mere cynicism and nihilism...  <sigh>

One of my more profound weaknesses seems to be conflating skepticism with cynicism.

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