Erica R.H. Fuchs, a professor in the Department of Engineering and Public
Policy in Carnegie Mellon University’s College of Engineering, has been
appointed to the inaugural board of trustees(opens in new window) that will
oversee the National Semiconductor Technology Center (NSTC). The core
research and development component of the Department of Commerce’s CHIPS
for America program, NSTC aims to strengthen U.S. leadership in
semiconductor research, design, engineering and advanced manufacturing.

“Erica is a brilliant talent, and the perfect choice to help guide the
direction of an organization that is pivotal to the future of manufacturing
and innovation in America,” said CMU President Farnam Jahanian. “Carnegie
Mellon University is proud to call her one of our own, and I look forward
to watching Erica shape the success of the National Semiconductor
Technology Center as well as CHIPS for America.”

Expected to launch this fall, the NSTC was a key component of the CHIPS and
Science Act of 2022 that focused on promoting semiconductor manufacturing.
A semiconductor is a material that controls electric currents, making it
the “brains” behind most modern electronics, including smartphones,
computers and televisions.

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